The Story Of aaaVeee

In Maldivian language the word “aavee” means, revival. The word is used to reflect something or a concept when it is revived in modern day. The concept used in aaaVeee Nature’s Paradise was developed to bring back the original resort concept that was the trademark of tourism industry when it started in the 70’s. Tourism started in the early 70’s and back then, resort islands were very basic. Construction materials were simple and reliance on coconut timber and other locally available materials were plenty.




Rooms were built using corals; thatched roofs were the norm and other structures like the restaurant, bar and jetties were made with coconut timber or other locally available wood. Most public areas had sandy floors. There were no branded hotel chains with multi-million dollar rooms or facilities, and rooms did not have expensive tiles. 



Most parts of the island environment were untouched and left in its natural ways. These concepts were the basic building blocks of the tourism industry. Back then, anyone coming to spend time at a resort had the opportunity to experience a true Maldivian natural island. Back then, the islands were developed with the minimal required services and facilities. Thus, holidaymakers were able to enjoy a true island experience. 




As tourism developed, the 80’s and 90’s were seen as the era of transformation as more facilities were developed. With the arrival of international brands, the standard of hotels started to completely change, and the Nature’s concepts were lost. Islands were developed as expensive hotel brands, and there was little regard and respect to the natural beauty of islands.


Nature’s Paradise

The birth of aaaVeee Nature’s Paradise evolved from these experiences. It was felt that islands must be developed with the basic concept of sustaining the natural environment of the island with minimal ecological impact: aaaVeee Nature’s Paradise thus strives to bring back this original unspoilt island concept which was the backbone of the tourism industry. This is how aaaVeee Nature’s Paradise was born, and today, we can boast as one of the very few islands that has been developed with these concepts in mind. Our island has been developed with a lot of respect for the natural environment. Call it a free bird island, the Nature’s island or your sanctuary, Nature’s is at the heart of aaaVeee Nature’s Paradise.

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