Island hopping in Dhaalu Atoll If you feel bored to stay on a single island or want to explore the islands of Dhaalu atoll, then take a day pass. This is the gateway to access all the island of Dhaalu atoll using our partner ferries that run in the region. aaaVeee day pass will get you to all the inhabited islands in the atoll at a much affordable way. Enjoy the local experience, and chill out by slowing down your life on a ride of a life-time on our partner ferry network. Have a drink in the nearby island of Rinbudhoo, and then head to the capital island of Kudahuvadhoo for lunch, and afternoon tea in Bandidhoo. Experiencing the rural life in the Maldives is best achieved with an aaaVeee day pass. A day pass is not only limited to Dhaalu atoll, but to Faafu and Meemu atolls. Stretch your adventure beyond the rims of Dhaalu atoll with the day pass. All these islands feature our partner hotels, the seVidlam chain of hotels. seVidlam hotels feature simple but comfortable hotels developed to accommodate the holidaymakers in the rural Maldives. seVidlam hotels are located in many islands of Dhaalu, Faafu and  Meemu atolls where life in each island is different.

Uninhabited islands and sand banks

Want to try something unique and special? Then visit an uninhabited island or a sand bank. Choose between many, from small to large sank banks. Take your loved ones with you, and spend a day, or half a day completely secluded from the rest of the world, with nothing but the ocean around you. This is a highly recommended option for everyone, especially honeymooners.


Day and night fishing

If you are into fishing, then why not take a fishing trip, either a scheduled or private trip at your convenience. Regular fishing activities are organized by the resort and provide guests the opportunity to experience fishing, the second largest industry in the Maldives. Night fishing is the most popular among the activities, but big game fishing and morning fishing tours are also organized by the resort.

Things to see

This is a very recent mosque, and though it lacks the glory and architectural style of 250 years ago, it is part of the island’s cultural and developmental history.

This is a mosque built by volunteer youths of Rinbudhoo. This mosque resembles the hard work of the island’s youth, from material to manual labour. 

Dolphins are magnificent creatures that lurk our oceans every day. They often travel in schools and can be watched best on a dolphin cruise where a boat will take you to the open sea. It provides the best opportunity for guests to get close with this fascinating creature, often entertaining you with their traditional swimming patterns and jumps.

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